Fantasy Work Projects Update Writer Struggles

December Update on Works in Progress

I have been remiss at posting a current update on my works-in-progress. Due to other work responsibilities, I’ve fallen far behind even while being rather busy. Here is a quick update on my current series:

WAYS OF CAMELOT series- I have struggled throughout the year with the third book of what was supposed to be a trilogy, but I finally realized that this series required another book, now titled CAMELOT OF THE ROADS, to come before ROAD OF CLOUDS. Book 3 is about 90% complete and should be ready for publication with Reader Hill Publishing in early 2016. I plan to finish Book 4, the final one, next year as well.

CIRIAN WAR SAGA series- I have been anxious to get back to this world. Book 2, TRUTH MOCKER, is about a third of the way done and will be released in 2016. I hope to complete Book 3 in 2016 as well, but that might not happen due to the size of these epic fantasies.

I hope to get a huge jump forward in my writing progress in the next few weeks. January’s update will hopefully show a lot more headway. That is it for now. I wish everyone a joyous Christmas and a great New Year.


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