This section provides links to business forms that some of my readers may find helpful. Please read the disclaimers and rules first, then download any forms that you want. Thank you- Eric.

Below is a collection of checklists and forms that you might find helpful as a manager, supervisor, or business owner. The sample forms are grouped by subject matter.

Free to Use: The sample forms listed on this website page are available to copy and use. They are samples, written by Eric Lorenzen and others, that have been made available to the public at no charge.

We simply ask that these sample forms not be sold or incorporated into any for-profit resource or publication.

Please edit or modify as needed: You are free to modify or edit any of the sample forms listed on this page. Not only will you want to customize them with your own company’s name/ logo, but you may need to alter the forms to make them legal in your area or industry.  Consider consulting a legal professional if you are uncertain whether a form or checklist is permissible in your area or industry.

Consider whether the forms are legal for your business: Before using any of these samples, you should verify that they are legal to use in your particular state/ locality/ industry. Some may include data collection or questions that are not allowed in your area. Laws and regulations governing the workplace are complex and change or get updated on a regular basis, so always be sure that any form or checklist that you use is legal and appropriate for your business.

An example of changing laws is the “Ban the Box” movement that seeks to make it illegal to ask a prospective employee whether they have ever been convicted of a crime. Such laws have passed in select regions/ industries, so if your business is in an industry or area that has such a law, you cannot include any question about criminal convictions on your Employment Application.

There may be other regulations and laws that limit or modify what questions you can ask or what information you can collect, so please exercise caution when downloading, modifying, or using any of these samples.

International Users: Please note that these forms were originally designed for businesses in the USA and most likely need to be altered before use in your country. Again, always verify that any form or checklist is legal and appropriate for your company.

Disclaimer: Eric Lorenzen and New Wind Business Solutions dba Reader Hill make no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of these documents and specifically disclaim all warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. These documents may not be suitable for your particular situation or need.  Please consult a competent legal professional as needed.

You will find sample forms in the following categories, grouped by the book in which the forms are mentioned:

Target the Work Not the Worker

Employee Discipline

  1. Performance Improvement Notice (PIN) sample (Excel format- auto downloads when clicked on)
  2. Performance Improvement Notice (PIN) sample (pdf format- view and then download)
  3. Termination Letter sample (Word format- auto downloads when clicked on)
  4. Termination Letter sample (pdf format- view and then download)

Finding Good EmployeesEmployee Hiring

  1. Employment Application sample #1
  2. Employment Application sample #2
  3. Employment Application sample #3
  4. Job Applicant Evaluation sample #1
  5. Job Applicant Evaluation sample #2
  6. Job Applicant Evaluation sample #3
  7. Job Applicant Evaluation sample #4

Starting New Hires

Employee Orientation

  1. New Hire Checklist sample #1
  2. New Hire Checklist sample #2
  3. New Hire Checklist sample #3
  4. New Hire Checklist sample #4
  5. New Hire Checklist sample #5
  6. Emergency Information Form sample
  7. Contact Information sample
  8. Deduction of Wages sample
  9. Property Checklist sample

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