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Eric Lorenzen is a novelist and business writer who enjoys living in California. As a novelist, his focus has been in the science fiction and fantasy genres. His writings include the Cirian War Saga, the Ways of Camelot novels, the Unlucky Alien series, and the upcoming Tag Warren series. As a non-fiction writer, his work has been mainly on management books, including the How to Be a Better Boss series.

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Maps and Drawings
Na Ciria map

Discover the various realms from Eric’s fantasy and science fiction stories, such as the Ciran War Saga and upcoming Tag Warren series.

Magical Enchantments
Ways of Camelot Enchantments

Explore the many enchantments that are crafted in the Ways of Camelot series of fantasy novels.

Business Forms

Review and download various business form templates that can help with employee policies and work procedures, as mentioned in the How to Be a Better Boss series of books.