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Eric Lorenzen is a nonfiction author who enjoys writing books that inform and inspire.

Business Books

With decades of experience in retail and retail-support management, Eric has hired, trained, supervised, disciplined, and terminated hundreds of employees. In this series of business books, Eric shares his practical knowledge with managers, supervisors, and business owners in the areas of employee policies, onboarding, and employee relations.

How to be a Better Boss series

How to be a Better Boss series of business books.

Relational Bible Studies

Eric (and his wife Amy) wrote these Bible studies as a way to use their unique abilities to encourage and exhort their fellow believers. They combined their teaching skills and Eric’s experience in writing and publishing to create a series of highly-interactive Bible studies. Eric and Amy hope that you find these studies to be both encouraging and spiritually challenging.

Jesus Embraced Parenting

Jesus Embraced Parenting Bible studies

Jesus Embraced Marriage

Jesus Embraced Marriage books

Jesus Embraced series

Co-written with his wife Amy, these relational Bible studies are intended to bring people closer to Jesus and to each other.

Experience these unique Bible studies that are highly relational and Christ-centered, where you and others gather together to learn, share, and actually do the stuff of the faith.

Be a Better Boss series
Target the Work Not the Worker

Get practical help for managing your employees with our How to be a Better Boss series of practical business books.

Business Forms

Review and download various business form templates that can help with employee policies and work procedures, as mentioned in the How to Be a Better Boss series of books.