About Eric

Eric LorenzenEric is a husband, dad, author, and entrepreneur. The son of immigrants, he can speak his parents’ tongue (German), though with a decidedly American accent. He studied our collective past and our present (holding a degree in both History and Religious Studies), and still enjoys learning about the world’s diverse cultures and beliefs. He has been a committed Christian for over 40 years.

Eric writes highly-relational Bible studies and practical business books. He is also the publisher at Reader Hill, an independent publishing house he founded in 2012.

Eric lives in California, enjoying the sunshine and natural wonders of that unique state. He is married to his beloved Amy and has two wonderful sons.

His work experience is rather varied and includes being a college tutor and a nursery worker (plants not kids), but most of his work roles have been in management and consulting. He has worked in retail store management, retail support management, publishing consulting, small business consulting, and church/nonprofit consulting.


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