Fantasy Science Fiction Work Projects Update

November Writing Projects Update

This is just a quick update on my current writing projects for last month:

1. Ways of Camelot Arthurian fantasy series- I had to make a tough decision on ROAD OF CLOUDS, ripping up much of its beginning for a major redo. I had to remove the first 3 chapters and condense the next 5 chapters into 3. It’s hard to drop so much material but I think readers will appreciate the results once I’m done. This takes ROAD OF CLOUDS from 10% complete to only 5%, but I am still committed to getting it done by early 2015.

2. Tyrants of Tolerance science fiction series- While wrestling with RoC  (see above), I took a break to start the first book in this Science Fiction Dystopia: TAG WARREN AND THE FRAGILE CITY, set in a fallen California in the near futureI really love the characters and story line. This is going to be a fun series. I even have the website started:, although it is still very basic. The site will become richer as the story develops. This book is about 15% complete. Expected publication is early 2015, to be followed by the next two novels in the series soon thereafter (hopefully).

3. Cirian War Saga epic fantasy series- I am about 30% done with Book #2, TRUTH MOCKER, and holding. I haven’t done much with this series in 2014, due to its huge size (these books are 2-3 times as long as the others). I do look forward to getting back to the series, but it won’t be until early next year. I hope to complete two books in this series in 2015.

4. Non-fiction series- This month I didn’t do any work on the various guidebooks put out under Genuine HR’s various series. I may do so when I have more time at the end of the year, but they aren’t a high priority right now. We just aren’t seeing enough sales on these books yet.

Well, that’s it for November. I was hoping it would be a more productive month, but it was still fun creating what I could. Thanks for reading.

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