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Need an Author’s Website?

I know that there are some of my fellow writers/ aspiring authors who follow this blog, so I thought I would share about a new resource that has just became available: Public Author. If you need an author’s website or a personal blog, take a look at this site, for a beautiful website at a great price. (Public Author is the one responsible for the designing of

Public Author

PS- Want to get an even better deal? They are offering a 20% special for February if you mention the Discount Code: FEBSPECIAL14

OK, enough about the trade of writing and back to actual writing. Don’t miss the next Fantasy Friday post!


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Ready to Self Publish?

Vanity Press and Self Publishing:  It used to be that self-publishing was synonymous with vanity publishing.  You paid someone to print your book because no commercial publisher would touch the thing.  This was not a “road to success” but the path to a garage full of books.  Things really have changed in the last few years!  Now, it is a viable option to go DIY, either as a Print-on-Demand (POD) book or as an e-book. 

Looking for practical tips on understanding your publishing options?  Consider the blog entries by veteran writer Dean Wesley Smith:

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing