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Road of Leaves- Fantasy Novel on sale for 99 cents


Road of Leaves novel

Looking for a fun novel to read? Try ROAD OF LEAVES. This Arthurian Fantasy is on sale at Amazon for only 99 cents as an e-book. (April 16-22, 2015).

This is the first book in the Ways of Camelot trilogy. Book 2 (ROAD OF WATERS) is already available and the final book (ROAD OF CLOUDS) will be released very soon (Spring 2015).

ROAD OF LEAVES is a great tale, set in Arthurian times, where you will follow a magician’s apprentice named Thomas as he faces scheming sorcerers, magical beings, and an enchanted road gone wild.

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What is ROAD OF LEAVES about? Well, here’s a short blurb on the novel:

Beware, for the Road stirs every night. When the leaves begin to blow, death follows.

Thom must travel the Road of Leaves for his master. He takes the enchanted, leaf-covered route to get to the hidden city of Camelot. As a magician’s apprentice he knows a little about enchantments, but when the Road’s magic goes wild, he has no idea how to stop it.

He and a few other travelers survive windstorms and attacks, reaching the Isle of Sun. But there he learns that a sorceress has captured Queen Guinevere and severed the Road’s link to Camelot. Thom must try to rescue the queen, in spite of his limited skills at magic. Not only is the queen in danger but so is Adele, the young woman who has captured his affection.

He goes back out onto the wind-torn Road, helped by a monk, a mercenary, and some pixies. Somehow, he must fight his way through to rescue his queen and his love, and to stop the attack on the Road of Leaves.

ROAD OF LEAVES- Book 1 of the WAYS OF CAMELOT, a fantasy trilogy.

Buy it today and start reading ROAD OF LEAVES on your e-reader, computer, tablet, or smart phone.

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Thanks for you interest in my books.

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