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Tracking Book Sales

iStock_000017970388SmallThis post is meant for my fellow writers.  Because I self-publish through my own company (Reader Hill), I am responsible for tracking my book sales from quite a few different distribution channels. To do so, I’ve created spreadsheet with a page for each book. I thought I would share it online in case any other authors might want it.

I use a simple Excel spreadsheet with auto-sum formulas for each column. Here’s a screen shot of the form for those who are curious:

Book Sales Spreadsheet Photo

For each month, I track quantity sold, money earned, and quantity given away. I do this for each book that I’ve published. Using simple auto-sum formulas, the form then gives my a monthly total for all the data in each column.

Lower down on the spreadsheet, I add up the yearly Quantity Totals and yearly Income Totals.

At the bottom of the spreadsheet you will see that there are tabs for each book. I write in the book’s name there and in the top left box.

If you are interested in using the form, it is attached below:

Book Sales Template 2015

I hope this helps some of my fellow writers.

Thanks for reading,


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Thank you Eric. I have been using something similar, but it was time-consuming, so I have converted it to automated version. I have developed online app, which you can check at
I will be grateful for any comments

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