Magical Enchantments- Journeyman Level

Road of Leaves coverRoad of Water cover2In the Ways of Camelot fantasy series, numerous magical enchantments are mentioned. Magic in this series is something that is crafted, using elements distilled from magical plants and animals. (Those into the Dark Arts will also distill elements from magical beings that have been killed.)

Magic is a skill that can be taught to almost anyone, as long as they have an ear for hearing the rhythmic sounds of the various elements. However, it is not something that is learned easily. Most magicians go through decades of training before they even reach the journeyman level and most do not attain master magician (wizard) status before old age creeps up on them.

Below, is a list of journeyman level enchantments, including brief quotes from the novel(s) they are mentioned in:

Journeyman Level of Enchantments

1. Twist of Air– a whirlwind that the magician can guide. Much stronger than a Teasing of Air.

Quotes from ROAD OF LEAVES:

Francis didn’t look pleased at the idea, but he motioned for Thom to pull out his magician’s box. “Then I’ll need your powders, both magical and mundane, for I have none.”

So Thomas supplied the elements while Francis crafted the enchantment. The monk waited a bit to start, letting evening settle in. When it was about an hour before the nightly winds would stir, he judged it time and began mixing, adding his own spittle to attune the magic to himself. Thom watched and listened, for this was the best way to learn a new enchantment.

Francis’ last step was smearing some of the potion on his lips and hands so that he could direct the brewing breeze. A miniature whirlwind rose from the mixing bowl. The monk directed its shape with his hands and then blew it into motion, sending it up the Road and around the corner.

Quote from ROAD OF WATERS:

Desperate, Thom started mixing a response. The first thing that came to mind was a Twist of Air, an enchantment that he had never tried himself but had learned from Francis. He filled his bowl with the powders of Snow Hummingbird feathers, Saber Leaf Dandelion seeds, and Midnight Petrel wings. To that he added the mundane elements of water and his own spittle to attune the magic to his bidding.

Following the example of Francis, his last step was to smear some of the potion on his lips and hands so that he could guide the brewing breeze. A small whirlwind rose from the mixing bowl, one far smaller than the windstorm that had just struck them. He directed the swirling air with his hands and then blew it into motion, sending it to intercept the fireball that was already racing in his direction.

2. Cloud of Mist– a fog or dewy mist that can be used for concealment

Quote from ROAD OF LEAVES:

He handed over all that he had of four specific powders, curious about the monk’s choice. These were precious elements that he had taken from the sorceress’ stash at Wizard Cruthen’s urging, but he had never worked with any of them. He only knew of their potency and value from his master. Thom was almost tempted to linger and watch how Francis would use such elements for magic. However, he had his own magic to craft.

They were to leave Francis to do his enchantment from here while they moved farther down the canyon. The monk stood over the small pool of water, mixing elements in a bowl and then stirring them into the pool. Soon a mist appeared, slowly swirling over the water and then streaming off to follow the water over a small fall and on down the slope.

3. Fireball– a burning sphere that can be thrown great distances by a magician.

Quote from ROAD OF WATERS:

She (Vivien) stirred together powders of Phoenix tongue, crushed Azure Fireflies, and Crested Black Eagle feathers, along with Spotted Pine oil. She added the mundane elements of oak pollen, black powder, and lamp oil. When she added her spittle, she lifted the mixing bowl close to her face in an almost dainty move, so unlike Thom’s usual loud spitting.

He watched and listened as she mixed, for it was a new enchantment to him though it nagged at his memory somehow. She then coated her dampened hands with a powdering of white sand, almost like a baker coats his hands with flour to keep the dough from sticking to his fingers. It was not until she scooped her hands into the resulting goop and starting forming a glowing ball that he realized what it was. A fireball.

4.  Glowing Man (unnamed in the novel)- an enchantment that coats a person and causes them to glow brightly. Used to highlight a speaker or to intimidate an enemy.

Quote from ROAD OF WATERS:

Six glowing men appeared in the opening. Thom couldn’t recognize them from so far away, but he was still certain at least one of them was Merlin.

Centaurs rushed through the shattered gate, swerving around the shining wizards and galloping after the enemy.

5. Tarn’s Call– Amplifies a voice or sound so that it can be heard from far away.

Quote from ROAD OF WATERS:

Levitanus now concentrated on the journeymen with him. “Vivien, does your magician’s box contain the elements needed to craft a Tarn’s Call?”

She nodded, swinging her knapsack off her shoulders.

“Wait to open the vials until I order it, for I want to limit the revealing of our position to the shortest time possible,” warned Levitanus. “Thomas, get your mixing bowl ready, along with the necessary mundane elements. You are to stir the powders quickly but thoroughly. Pause only long enough for me to add my spittle. The magic must be attuned to me, for I will have to be the one to sound the horn.”

Levitanus held the horn in his left hand as he leaned heavily on the staff in his right. He needed them to be his hands for the mixing.

Vivien quickly retrieved the appropriate elements, handing them to Thom. He mixed them as quickly as he could, adding the mundane elements as directed since this was a new enchantment to him. He was very aware of the noise the elements made.

He held it up for his master to spit into it, then finished the blending. When the mixing was done, Levitanus let his makeshift staff fall and dipped his hand into the watery paste. He smeared the enchantment on his lips and the horn’s end.

The wizard paused a moment to gather his breath and then sounded the centaur horn. Its voice was greatly enhanced, echoing in the inner ear as well. He blew a series of short and long blasts in some code known to the horse-men.

Thom guessed that the clarion call would have been heard by anyone on the island who knew how to listen with their inner ear. The sorcerers would know where to look now.

The sorcerer crafted a simple Teasing of Air and gave the other craft a push. The burning galley floated down the canal and seemed to linger for a breath, but then the Road of Waters caught it and whipped it away.


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