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Here is a quick overview of Eric’s current projects, including expected completion:
1. TRUTH MOCKER– an epic fantasy (Book 2 of the Cirian War Saga), to be published in 2016 by Reader Hill. First Draft 33% complete.
2. CAMELOT OF THE ROADS– third book of the Ways of Camelot novels, expected to be published in 2016. 80% complete
3. TAG WARREN AND THE FRAGILE CITY – a Young Adult science-fiction novel, first of the Tyrants of Tolerance series, set in the near future of Southern California. Estimated publication in 2017. 8% complete
4. WATCH RIDER– Book 3 of the Cirian War Saga estimated publication in 2017. In outlining and story idea phase.
5. ROAD OF CLOUDS– fourth and final book in the Way of Camelot novels, expected to be published in late 2016. In outlining and story idea phase.

Completed Works by Eric:
Fallen King cover51. FALLEN KING– an epic fantasy (Book 1 of the Cirian War Saga)

Alien Tastes Like Chicken2. ALIEN TASTES LIKE CHICKEN– a sci-fi humor short (Unlucky Alien series)

Alien in my Tomatoes3. ALIEN IN MY TOMATOES– a sci-fi humor short (Unlucky Alien series)

Road of Leaves

4. ROAD OF LEAVES– a fantasy novel (a Ways of Camelot novel)

Alien at the Office2

5. ALIEN AT THE OFFICE– a science fiction short story (Unlucky Alien series)

Road of Waters

6. ROAD OF WATERS– a fantasy novel (a Ways of Camelot novel)


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Working behind the scenes

So much to do, and the clock seems to be ticking down fast…  I am now a month behind in  my self-imposed deadline for my novel as well as falling behind in getting the business guidebooks done.  However, lots of behind-the-scenes stuff is getting done:

1. The Reader Hill website is up and ready to go as the publisher of my writings.
2. Genuine HR has been converted from being one of our business websites into a blog.  It will now be the “author” for the non-fictional guidebooks coming out from the business.
3. Still need to do the Ministry HR conversion, since it will become the author of our business guidebooks aimed at church offices and other non-profits.